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Spurs News: Who knew that Gregg Popovich was a Prince fan?

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Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Gregg Popovich is a fan of "Purple Rain" by Prince -

In honor of Prince, Pop should run a play called "computer blue" like in the skit on The Chappelle Show. Rest in peace, Prince. You were an icon that changed music forever.

Shifting gears: How Patty Mills found success by slowing down -

This is a very in-depth story about the point guard that Pop once called "a little fat ass" and how his speed got him into the NBA, got him into trouble, and had to be tamed for him to produce on basketball's largest stage.

Raptors' Cory Joseph attributes success to time with Spurs -

CoJo has stepped up immensely for the Raptors in the first three games. It is not a surprise, all the experience he received while in San Antonio has carried over.

Notebook: Spurs’ Green, Grizzlies’ Carter have UNC heartbreak in common -

Carter's heartbreak is about to reach new heights after Sunday night.

How much are the San Antonio Spurs worth? -

According to Forbes, the Spurs are the 11th most valuable club.