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Spurs News: How big an issue will LaMarcus Aldridge's injured finger be?

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Spurs have reason for concern with Aldridge on eve of playoffs -

This is not what Spurs' fans wanted to hear a day before their playoff game. On the bright side, Aldridge played with a torn ligament in his left thumb last year, while with the Trailblazers. Maybe playing with a dislocated finger, will not seem like much of a challenge to him.

Leonard's emergence came at perfect time for Spurs' defense -

Our defense was beginning to slip outside the top ten in the league, before Kawhi Leonard showed up. He quickly became our corn rowed savior from San Diego State.

Perfect postseason for Spurs? Don't bet on it -

No, but I am expecting a perfect first round.

In a Warriors world, Spurs' X-factors provide playoff confidence -

Let us all forget the 3-1 record the Warriors had against the Spurs in the regular season. Popovich and the rest of them are going to be a different monster come the Western Conference Finals.

Why Tim Duncan is the greatest NBA player of this generation -

The entire time I was watching Kobe's farewell tour, I kept thinking to myself, "Kobe was not even the greatest player of his generation." Since the Spurs have drafted Tim Duncan, they have never experienced a losing season. Kobe Bryant and the Lakers can not say the same thing.