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Spurs News: Is Kawhi Leonard a cinch for his second DPOY?

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Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Draymond Green can stop anyone, but not Kawhi Leonard from winning NBA DPOY -

Stevie Ray Vaughan was put on this earth to play guitar. Lionel Messi was put on this earth to play soccer. Kawhi Leonard was put on this earth to play defense.

Spurs finish 40-1 at home to match '85-'86 Celtics' record -

Spurs' fans went home happy from the AT&T Center, 40 times this year. Only one other team in NBA history can say that.

Spurs resting six players against Mavericks -

If they sneak an iPhone on to the bench, they can catch Kobe's last game, or watch the Warriors go for win number 73.

Tim Duncan Passes Jason Kidd for 7th All-Time in NBA Games Played -

In the dictionary, under the word consistency, you will find a picture of Timmy.

The Spurs' Third Option - Parker -

Parker is an NBA Finals MVP, and one of the greatest scoring point guards of all time -- not a bad third option if you ask me.