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Spurs News: Spurs lost the battle, not the war

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Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Spurs not lamenting loss to Warriors that ended winning streak -

At the end of the day, yesterdays loss had no significant meaning on any playoff implications for San Antonio. Let us learn anything we can from the game, and move on.

In a game dominated by defense, Kawhi Leonard destroyed the rim -

Kawhi slammed the ball down on the rim as if it owed him WingStop coupons.

Warriors big winners? Not when you take the long view, like the Spurs -

In a way, I do agree with Draymond Green on the fact that the Warriors are young, and do not need as much rest as a team like San Antonio does. I am just hoping that somehow chasing 73 wins, comes back and bites Golden State in the butt.

Bench could be key to Spurs’ playoff run -

The bench kept us afloat through out large periods of time on Sunday. If we are going to go anywhere, the Spurs are going to need their second unit to come up huge.

Brandon Rush took out Patty Mills with a brutal moving screen -

The funny thing is, Patty got up as if nothing happened and continued to play.