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Spur Of The Moment: San Antonio Spurs News and Links March 8, 2016

Gregg Popovich will miss one more game, Kawhi felt selfish early in his career, and who do the Spurs turn to in the clutch?

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Gregg Popovich To Miss Next Two Games Due To Family Medical Issue -

According to ESPN, "A source with knowledge of the situation said Popovich and his family are fine and that there are no medical emergencies or major issues." Spurs nation sure hopes so Pop, we hope to see you back on the sidelines soon.

Cold-shooting Spurs can't overcome Pacers in 99-91 loss -

Overall it was a strange game for the Spurs. Open shots were missed, lay-ups were missed, the defense was not locked in, lay-ups were missed, Tony Parker hurt his toe, and did I mention lay-ups were missed?


Last week after San Antonio's game against the Pelicans, Shaquille O'Neal stated, that any young player trying to break in to the NBA should look at Kawhi Leonard as a role model. Not Stephen Curry or LeBron James - Kawhi Leonard. To take things one step further; any person who takes pride in their job, no matter what profession, should look at Kawhi Leonard as a role model. Bring your lunch pail to work, do what is asked of you, keep your head down, and repeat.

By the numbers: Who do Spurs turn to in the clutch? -

As most teams know by now, the beauty of the San Antonio Spur's offense is that any player on the floor has the capacity to make the right play - whether it be score or assist on a bucket. Game planning for the Spurs is like Rita Repulsa game planning against the Power Ranger's Megazord. If they want to take down one they are going to have to take down the whole thing.

Kawhi Leonard Even Felt Selfish At Times During Early Part Of Career -

When George Hill got traded for Kawhi Leonard in 2011, every Spurs fan collectively asked themselves, "why?" Hill was supposed to be the heir to the point guard throne once Tony Parker was done. Heck, there were even rumors the Spurs were trying to trade Parker in 2010 because they were so sure in Hill. So who was this scrawny kid from San Diego State that rocked cornrows as if it were still 2003? It is safe to say, five years later, we got the answer to our question. By the way Indiana, I'm not sure if it has been said already trade backs!