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Spur Of The Moment: San Antonio Spurs News and Links March 5, 2016

San Antonio opening up a new K-Mart, Tony Parker's latest kicks, and Gregg Popovich for President.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Report: Spurs sign ex-Timberwolves guard Kevin Martin -

What happened on Jan. 25, at Oracle Arena against the Warriors, is ingrained in the mind of every Spurs fan. They out shot us, out passed us, and even out "Spured" us. Gregg Popovich has gone on record saying he has spent more time thinking about the Warriors than any other team in his entire career. Adding Kevin Martin will give us a player who shoots 38% from behind the arc for his career, and a go to scorer when our bench's offense becomes stagnant. The only question is: who is going to be waived?

The Voice Behind "Spurs Ball" -

Joan Osborne once wrote a song called, "One Of Us," where she famously questioned what would happen if God was disguised as a normal, everyday person. To Spurs fans, God's voice can be heard at every home game at the AT&T Center. His name is Jonathan Sanford.

Check out the latest Tony Parker PEAK sneakers -

Peak has released Tony Parker's third signature shoe with the company this week. For $120 (which is reasonable for a basketball shoe these days), TP fans can get their hands on Parkers new sneakers. They come in all different colors, including "fiesta" which pays homage to the Spur's retro teal, pink, and orange colors.


The good news is Manu is listed as probable for tomorrows game against the Kings. The bad news: we hope Boogie doesn't try and wind up another sucker punch like he almost did with Steven Adams.

Gregg Popovich Shames Rich People Who Aren't Fighting Inequality -

Is it too late to throw Popovich's name into the hat for a Presidential nomination? Seriously. Not to mention he is a master at foreign policy - just look at all the international talent he has imported over the years.