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Spurs Highlights: San Antonio at Pelicans - first half

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Spurs were down to the Pelicans after the first quarter, jumped out to a little lead, but went cold late in the 2nd to enter halftime down 45-46. Here is the story of the first half, told in quick clips from whipclip.

[Editor's Note: These plays are no longer available. Whipclip's current agreement with the NBA grants them 48 hours of view-ability. -jrw ]

10:40 -- Out of TO play, Kawhi post-up and turnaround jumper

8:16 -- Great defense from AD on Duncan leads to Eric Gordon layup

6:00 -- Rebound for Kawhi, alley-opp from Patty Mills to LMA in transition

4:10 -- Kawhi Leonard spins and jams on Norris Cole

1:00 -- Spurs turnover leads to an easy Davis fastbreak dunk

2nd Quarter:

Gregg Popovich clowns around w/ Craig Sager

7:02 -- Reminder that Andre Miller is old, gets stuffed at the rim

6:50 -- Block on defense leads to transition three for Kawhi

6:26 -- Patty Mills with a nice steal

5:33 -- Nice drive and kick from Pels leads to Babbitt 3PM

3:50 -- Kawhi hits his third 3PM of the half

3:10 -- Eric Gordon transition drive and kick for a three

0:05 -- Spurs turnover leads to AD putback for halftime lead