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Spur Of The Moment: San Antonio Spurs News and Links, March 22

The Hornets make a comeback, Kevin Garnett pays tribute to Tim Duncan, and exactly how did the Spurs manage to beat the Warriors?

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Lin, Hornets erase 23-point deficit, beat Spurs 91-88 -

The novelty act that is "Linsanity" helped the Charlotte Hornets come back from a 23 point deficit last night, to give the Spurs their 11th loss this season. Ok, ok...calling Lin a novelty act is a bit disrespectful; especially since he has been a reliable back up point guard for the Hornets. Saying that San Antonio lost at the hands of Lin though -- that is a painful pill to swallow.

The San Antonio Spurs slowed down the Golden State Warriors -

According to, "The Spurs' average offensive possession in this game was 18.0 seconds, that's nearly two seconds longer than any other offense has averaged this season and more than two-and-a-half seconds longer than any defense typically forces."

Kevin Garnett pays tribute to Tim Duncan with throwback picture -

Never realized this rivalry had so much depth to it. FYI, Kevin Garnett also posted a picture of him and Paul Pierce when they were 15 years old, at their high school's prom.

San Antonio Spurs: The Secret Genius of Gregg Popovich -

I smell a 30 For 30 in the near future, for G-Pop and the Spurs from San Antonio.

How the San Antonio Spurs got revenge on the Golden State Warriors -

Never before have I seen Spur's fans so excited over a regular season win. Before I decided to post this article, I thought to myself, "Diego... they are probably tired of reading about the Spurs beating the Warriors. It happened on Saturday, let it go." With all that being said, this is another great article that shows just how we pulled out that incredible victory on Saturday night.