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Spurs now own a winning record against every team in the NBA

With the Spurs' win over the Blazers on Thursday night they accomplished something that just feels right for a team that has shown unbelievable consistency for decades.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Just over two years ago, on March 14, 2014, the Spurs beat the Lakers 119-85 and took the lead in the all-time regular-season series with Los Angeles for the first time since October 1985. That gave the Spurs a winning record versus everyone in the league except for Portland, who had taken the lead in that series (for the first time since March of 2006)  earlier in the 2013-14 season on November 2nd, 2013.

During the 2013-14 season the Blazers won the first two games of the four-game season series while the Spurs won the last two, evening the series at 76 apiece. After the Spurs won the championship that summer I spent much time daydreaming about the Spurs winning the first game against the Blazers in the 2014-15 season and completing the feat of a winning record versus all teams.

I had to wait until December for the first matchup of the season, but it was not to be as the Blazers won in convincing fashion, 108-95. The Spurs could still do it by winning the next two games but that dream didn't last long as four days later the Blazers beat the Spurs in a triple-overtime thriller and took a two-game lead in the all-time series, ensuring that the best the Spurs could do was tie it back up by the end of the season. The Spurs and Blazers split the last two games, putting the Blazers up 79-77 heading into this season.

LaMarcus Aldridge switching sides did the trick for the Silver and Black, the Spurs completed their three-game sweep of the season series with a dominant second half in Thursday night's game that led to a comfortable win for San Antonio and put the series at 80-79, SA. And with that the Spurs have done something quite rare, among the four major North American sports, only the Spurs have managed to achieve the feat (the Montreal Canadiens have a winning record versus every NHL team except the Ottawa Senators and the New York Yankees are tied with the Dodgers and have a losing record to the Phillies).

It was fun, and frustrating at times, following this for the past couple of years but it's one of my favorite pieces of Spurs trivia and accomplishments/streaks, right up there with the 50-game winning streak, the Big-Three being the winningest trio, Tim winning the most games as a player with one franchise and all of Tim's playoff marks. Those all speak volumes to what we've gotten to experience over the years as Spurs fans.

Now if those pesky Lakers would get their act together and make the playoffs, the Spurs could get on their way to owning a winning record versus all teams in the postseason.

Here's the full list of regular season records for each team vs. the Spurs.


Atlanta Hawks: 51-36 (.586%)

Boston Celtics: 49-38 (.563%)

Brooklyn Nets: 66-21 (.759%)

Charlotte Hornets: 37-14 (.725%)

Chicago Bulls: 51-32 (.614%)

Cleveland Cavaliers: 58-31 (.652%)

Dallas Mavericks: 101-66 (.605%)

Denver Nuggets: 111-64 (.634%)

Detroit Pistons: 53-33 (.616%

Golden State Warriors: 103-54 (.656%)

Houston Rockets: 103-82 (.557%)

Indiana Pacers: 51-36 (.586%)

Los Angeles Clippers: 123-36 (.774%)

Los Angeles Lakers: 83-77 (.519%)

Memphis Grizzlies: 61-20 (.753%)

Miami Heat: 38-18 (.679%)

Milwaukee Bucks: 47-36 (.566%)

Minnesota Timberwolves: 80-28 (.741%)

New Orleans Pelicans: 38-13 (.745%)

New York Knicks: 49-38 (.563%)

Oklahoma City Thunder: 87-71 (.551%)

Orlando Magic: 40-15 (.727%)

Philadelphia 76ers: 55-34 (.618%)

Phoenix Suns: 87-75 (.537%)

Portland Trail Blazers: 80-79 (.503%)

Sacramento Kings: 112-55 (.671%)

Toronto Raptors: 28-11 (.718%)

Utah Jazz: 100-76 (.568%)

Washington Wizards: 55-32 (.632%)