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Spur Of The Moment: San Antonio Spurs News and Links, March 18

The Spurs defeat the Trailblazers, Jonathan Simmons is assigned to the D-League, and rumblings about San Antonio making a run at Kevin Durant.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Aldridge, Leonard lead Spurs to 34th straight home win -
As if it were scripted, Patty Mills decided to go off on St. Patrick's Day, scoring 17 huge points off the bench. Hopefully some of this good luck carries over to Saturday's game against the Warriors. Then again, since when have the Spurs needed luck?

Spurs Assign Jonathon Simmons to Austin Suprs -
Unfortunately, Simmons is returning from an injury, and to a team that is deeper with Andre Miller and Kevin Martin. Simmons is a player that Spurs fans have instantly embraced because of his resilience. If there is anyone who can work his way back into a rotation, it is the NBA Summer League Championship MVP.

Report: Rival execs believe the Spurs will chase Kevin Durant in offseason -
No... did I read this right? There is no way the Spurs, a franchise that prides themselves on drafting the correct players instead of buying them in free agency, would do this two years in a row? I don't buy it. I'm going to pretend I never read this, and address the topic again if it ever comes up down the road. No need to get my hopes up.

An ode to Manu Ginobili’s off-ball movement -
Instead of arts and crafts, schools in San Antonio need to start offering an arts and Ginobili elective.

Kawhi Leonard Swats Damian Lillard's Layup Attempt with Chase-Down Block -
I am not going to lie, I replayed this at least 15 times on my phone tonight.