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GIF Breakdown: San Antonio Spurs vs. Los Angeles Clippers

A quick look at some plays from the Spurs' win over the Clippers on Tuesday night, featuring Manu Ginobili and Kawhi Leonard.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

After Manu Ginobili's brilliant comeback game on March 3rd, the wily veteran had hit just three of his 17 field goal attempts in the three games before this one. It was great to see Gino contribute 13 on 8 shots in this one, including a couple of threes and an amazing drive to the basket for a reverse.

Kawhi Leonard has been on a tear over his last 16 games, averaging 24.4 points on 53.2% from the field, 7.3 rebounds, 2.7 assists, 1.8 steals and almost a block in his 34 minutes per game. Even with his recent shooting woes from deep (7-of-his-last-27), he's hit 41.4% of his threes in the last 16.

And who needs to shoot threes when you can do this?

It's incredible just how great Kawhi is on both ends, of course making it tough on whoever is getting Kawhi's attention on defense, but he's almost impossible to stop offensively one-on-one.

Okay, the Clippers could have played this better with all of those jerseys in the paint, but when I saw this I just expected it to go in, which is in no way reasonable considering the difficulty. It's to the point with Kawhi that it's strange to me when he misses.

We'll finish with Kawhi showing off his balance and making it look easy to score on a super-athletic 7-footer.