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Spur Of The Moment: San Antonio Spurs News and Links, March 15

The Spurs continue to win through evolution, Patty Mills is San Antonio's secret weapon, and was cutting Butler the right move?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Kawhi Leonard’s Coach, Teammates And Opponents Perfectly Sum Up The Soft-Spoken Superstar -

When JJ Redick was asked what his thoughts on Kawhi were, he did not hold back. "More than his length, his strength, his quickness, that mother‑‑‑‑‑‑ is so . . . locked . . . in..." Redick said. "I have no idea what scouting report they give him, but he knows every play, and he takes no breaks."

Even as they evolve, steady Spurs just keep winning -

On the evolution chart, the Spurs are about to reach level 100 Charizard status this season.

Point/Counterpoint: Was cutting Butler right move by Spurs? -

Personally, I think retaining Bonner was the right move. He provides a three-point threat off the bench whenever his number is called, and has been known to get hot from time to time in the playoffs. With Ginobili healthy, and the Spurs potentially looking at Jonathan Simmons as a piece for the future, Butler was the odd man out.

The Spurs’ Secret Weapon: Patty Mills -

Patty Mills is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. Countdown for detonation starts as soon as he checks into the game


Chris Paul continues to lead the Clippers in the absence of Blake Griffin. Let's hope this isn't one of those nights Paul single-handedly carries them, and pulls a win out of thin air.