San Antonio PTR meetup's time for a San Antonio PTR meetup, seeing as i'm now in town/state/country.

after some discussion with play_splitter and Trey Felder, we've come up with an initial plan. this isn't locked in by any means, but a date/time/place has to be picked at some point, and this is to get the ball rolling.

so the plan is for this wednesday (16th of march), at big lou's pizza - they have giant pizzas. GIANT PIZZAS!

we sort of went back and forth on whether to do it on a game night, but i'll be attending the next 3 games so i would have to leave any gathering pretty early. i will still be in town for the first road game after this home stand (@charlotte), so doing it on a game night is possible, but we felt that with possibly a largish group attending the game might be "distracting" to some extent. we could still do a game night thing at a sports bar on that night in addition to the main meetup...

doing it on a work/school night might not be ideal, but hopefully it can work for people. the charlotte game is also on a weeknight, so it would have the same possible issue.

so there we have it, an initial plan. if people have alternative days/locations they'd like to suggest, suggest away. if you can make it, let it be known in the comments :) hopefully we can get a good size crowd and i can meet y'all.

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