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Spur Of The Moment: San Antonio Spurs News and Links March 13, 2016

The Spurs get their revenge on the Thunder, Kawhi and Draymond Green duke it out for DPOY, and Steve Kerr sees some Ginobili in Stephen Curry.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Spurs top Thunder for 41 in a row at home, 3rd longest ever - cbssports.

In the words of DJ Khaled, "Major key alert!"

Wins, losses inconsequential right now for Spurs -

It's the old cliche that high school coaches tell their team when they are not having a winning season. "It's not about winning or losing, it's about blah blah blah." In the Spurs case, that statement might hold some water at this point of the season.

Gauging a Transformational DPOY Race -

Call me biased, but my vote goes to the undisputed, best two-way player in the game, Kawhi Leonard. Say that last part in Bruce Buffer's voice and imagine Kawhi holding up a championship belt.

NBA Likely To Have Split In Best Eff. Diff/Record For 16th Time In Past 36 Seasons -

Stats do not tell the entire story on many occasions, but these specific stats have a lot to say.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr sees some Manu Ginobili in Steph Curry -

It is interesting to find players in this current generation, with traces of Manu in their game. James Harden, DeAngelo Russell and many more have come out and said Ginobili has influenced so much of how they play. In hindsight, Manu should have trademarked the euro step when he had the chance - can you say, royalties?