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Spur Of The Moment: San Antonio Spurs News and Links March 12, 2016

The Spur's home winning streak hits a historic mark, Kawhi Leonard wants a super team before superstardom, and why is David Robinson often forgotten?

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Spurs Were 'Scared S---less' Trading For Kawhi Leonard -

It does not take an ESPN NBA analyst to tell you that the Spurs got the better end of the stick by trading for Kawhi Leonard in 2011. Now, if we are going to judge the trade based on hair...then George Hill's, Sisquo inspired blonde mane, might have me second guessing the whole thing.

Kawhi Leonard wants a super team, superstardom can wait -

At this point, whenever Kawhi talks about putting the team first, he deserves the same kind of reception Leonardo DiCaprio received when he won his first Oscar. I want everyone to be slow clapping, and standing up from their seats when this man speaks.

Every NBA team tries to copy Spurs’ model. But one big factor can’t be replicated. -

The rapper Fabolous once said, "Excuse you, who's you? If I need a stunt double, I'll use you. Pardon ya'll, I don't wanna step on ya'll toes. I separate the authentic from the replica flows." Word to ya mother.

David Robinson: The greatest player that nobody ever thinks about anymore for some stupid reason

Don't sleep on The Admiral. Power forwards were the dominant race in the 90's, so the debate about who reigned supreme could go on forever. Keep in mind, Malone and Barkley, two of the players people say were better than Robinson in that era don't have any bling bling.

Spurs Tie Magic for 3rd-Longest Home Winning Streak in NBA History -

For our next trick, we will own sole possession of the third longest home winning streak, and the Magic will move to fourth. Poof!