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Duncan and Pop laugh at a Mavericks rookie talking trash

After Mejri talks trash to the Spurs bench after a dunk while down 20, Pop and Tim can't stop laughing.

San Antonio dismantled Dallas last night, but that didn't stop a Mavericks rookie Salah Mejri from getting some trash talk in after converting a dunk. Tim Duncan and Coach Popovich couldn't help but laugh:

Pop and TD Laugh

Gregg Popovich & Tim Duncan laughing at a Mavs player talking trash down 20.

Posted by Bleacher Report on Saturday, February 6, 2016

Pop was sure that whatever was said was meant for him and he and Tim got a pretty big kick out of it, considering the Mavericks were down 20 points at this point in the game.

Mejri swears the trash talk wasn't aimed at Pop, though:

Whether it was intentional smack talk or just the heat of the moment, kudos to Salah for showing his respect for Coach Pop: