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A look at the Spurs' situation at the trade deadline

They're not going to trade any of their main pieces, and not likely to move anyone else, but here are the details for anyone who's interested.

"Don't worry, Jon. Nobody's getting traded. Right?"
"Don't worry, Jon. Nobody's getting traded. Right?"
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The San Antonio Spurs are playing well enough this year, and all of their pieces are contributing to the point that no one but the most trade-happy fans could expect them to make a move. But for those who can't help themselves from asking "What if..." Bobby Marks of The Vertical put together a wide-ranging post that examines at all the angles available to PATFO.

From who they'd likely listen to offers from, to who has no-trade clauses, to who they might be able to pick up off the waiver wire (Joe Johnson, anyone?), it's a pretty comprehensive, all-bases-covered article for all you compulsive trade-niks out there. So, knock yourself out, if you're so inclined.