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Tim Duncan passes Karl Malone and moves into 6th on the all-time rebounding list

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Duncan keeps moving up the all-time lists, passing Robert Parish on the rebounding list and David Robinson on the blocks earlier this season. Now he's passed Jazz great, Karl Malone.

Tim Duncan has secured 14,971 rebounds in his 46,944 minutes of play during 1375 regular season games. That's  just shy of 11 boards per game and works out to 11.5 boards per 36 minutes.

Unless Tim decided to play for three more seasons this is as high as he'll climb on the rebound list. He trails Moses Malone by 1241.

Obviously, Tim's per game production has slipped over the years.

But check out his truly remarkable consistency by the minute.

In 19 seasons Big Fun never averaged less than 10.5 boards per 36 (1999) or more than 12.2 (2004) which is mind boggling. Sort of the way that he used to put up 20 and 10 without you noticing it, he's moved up the rebound list again into 6th, the only one of those six not to have led the league in rebounding for a single season. He just chugs along, protecting his rim, gathering misses and throwing outlets. The Timmy way.

Next up for Duncan:

Passing John Havlicek (13th) on the all-time scoring list. Tim trails Hondo by 48.

Moving past Clifford Robinson (9th), Reggie Miller (8th) and Jason Kidd (7th) in games played. Tim trails J-Kidd by 16 games.

And passing Gary Payton to move into the top 10 in minutes played. Tim trails The Glove by 173 minutes.