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When Kawhi Leonard becomes a motormouth

No ones expects Kawhi to dominate the conversation. But considering the way he's dedicated to improvement, his most talkative time makes complete sense.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

By this point in Kawhi Leonard's career, it's pretty obvious that he doesn't have much of a future as an orator. From the way he conducts interviews, it's easy to conclude that he'd rather let his play on the court be the only public speaking he does. But in a recent article from Tom Haberstroh for the Whirlwide Liter, there are times that Leonard becomes very talkative:

...the practice court is where Leonard comes alive, morphing from the quietest player on the NBA's most media-averse team to a 230-pound blabbermouth:

Why are we doing this? Where are we supposed to go with this? How's my form? Are my feet right? Is my weight distribution OK? How does my back look?

The story appears in something ESPN the Magazine is calling their NBA Body Analytics Issue, and Haberstroh does an excellent job of describing the role that analysis and statistics have played in Leonard's development. The entire article is worth a read. It's filled with interesting anecdotes and insider details that Spurs fans aren't often privvy to. Check it out.