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The Spurs are reportedly interested in signing Anderson Varejao

After 12 years in Cleveland, Varejao was traded to Portland and released. Now rumors are flying about where he'll land.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Spurs have been mentioned as one of the teams with interest in signing Anderson Varejao when he clears waivers on Sunday. Like all of the best NBA rumors, it's "according to league sources," says ESPN's Marc Stein.

San Antonio would have to waive someone themselves in order to sign Varejao, as their roster is currently full. But seeing as how they're already stacked with big men, and could use more three-point shooting, it's not the move most would expect them to make.

Golden State, Oklahoma City and Dallas are the rest of the teams mentioned by the aforementioned sources, so we will keep you updated as things develop.