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Live blogging the 3-point contest

Klay Thompson earns his first 3-point contest win, triumphing over Stephen Curry in final

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It was difficult for me to cover this event due to how much I miss Matt Bonner in the 3-point shootout. Give him another chance, people. After all, he made it to the 2013 championship!

The competitors started off hot: Klay Thompson (second in 3-pt field goals this season with 161 made) drained 22 points, James Harden (third in 3-pt field goals, 155 made) netted 20 points, and J.J. Redick (seventh in 3-pt field goals, 130) 49% fgm) had 20 points.

Khris Middleton (tied 19th in 3-pt field goals, 104), rocking Milwaukee's Satanic cervine jersey, showed first-time jitters, earning 13 points. Devin Booker started rough, but had all his money balls in the last rack, scoring four of the last five 2-point shots for 20 points

C.J. McCollum - likely most improved player of the year - had no improvement over the first several 3-pointer shooters (14 points) and Kyle Lowry (15 points) disappointed the hometown crowd in front of Spike Lee with a preacher hat, and Drake in the pinkest jacket I've ever seen.

Steph Curry finished off the with a last second shot, pushing him to 21 points and reserving his spot in the finals.

The tie-breaker round was sloppier; Devin Booker advanced with 12 points, becoming probably the first player in Phoenix Suns history to get in the final, and was greeted with a pump fake by a retired and plaid-wearing Steve Nash. Harden crashed and burned with eight points; J.J. shook his head in frustration with nine points.

The competition was interrupted when a random dance party erupted up on center court. Hosted by Silento - the apparent creators of Whip and Nae Nae - the heralded artists were soon joined by multiple mascots, Jon Stewart, Viktor Oladipo, Dikembe Mutombo, and Oscar/Tony/Grammy/Golden Globe winner Anthony Anderson.

Apparently the song lit a fire under Klay Thompson. After the impromptu jam, he drained his last six money balls, and dropped 27 points. Curry had an impressive showing (23 points), while Booker succumbed to rookie trembling hand syndrome (16 points).