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Live Blogging the NBA Skills Challenge

Karl-Anthony Towns wins Skills Challenge, beating out Isaiah Thomas

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

A hodgepodge of celebrities, mascots, and wealthy Canadians crowded in the Air Canada Center to watch the NBA Skills Challenge.

The competition is traditionally a three-round obstacle course that includes dribbling through propped NBA cut-outs, passing through foamed hoops, a fast-break layup, and a fast break 3-point shot.

This year, the playoff bracket was split into backcourt and front-court players. The winners of the respective series played a small vs. big final.

Jordan Clarkson vs. C.J. McCollum

Clarkson inexplicably paused to allow McCollum to shoot first (Han Solo style); his lack of aggression may explain the Lakers record this season.

Emmanuel Mudiay vs. Isaiah Thomas

Mudiay - who probably had a record for passes in last night's Rising Stars Game - hasn't so many people in Denver in his career, as fans have been avoiding Nuggets home games. Mudiay couldn't handle the ball and missed passes, making it easy for Thomas to earn the easy W.

C.J. McCollum vs. Isaiah Thomas

Thomas dominated, draining the 3-ball before McCollum even had the opportunity try a lay-up.

Draymond Green vs. Karl-Anthony Towns

Originally a favorite to represent the front-court in the final, Green was upset by Karl-Anthony Towns after they lobbed a couple bricks at the 3-pointer.

DeMarcus Cousins vs. Anthony Davis

Boogie had arguably the worst handles I think I've ever seen in this contest. Dribbling immediately off his foot, the Kings big somehow came back to beat Anthony Davis. Suddenly on my television, a trailer for Barbershop: Striaght Outta Originality showed Davis at the hairdresser, refusing Ice Cube when he asked to cut his eyebrows. Maybe if he got a trim, he could have seen better from behind the arc.

DeMarcus Cousins vs. Karl-Anthony Towns

In a no-brainer, Townes disposed of Boogie, who was somehow even slower in the second round.

Isaiah Thomas vs. Karl-Anthony Towns

Neck and neck, both players rushed to the arc, firing off numerous shots. Finally, Townes banked the ball in and was immediately tackled by the fellow bigs.