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GIF Breakdown: The best plays of Spurs vs. Bulls

It’s the return of the feature that Chis Itz made famous. (Or was it the feature that made Chris famous?)

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Pau started the game heading towards the home court locker room of the Bulls. After discovering his error, turns and smiles with embarrassment.

After a slow team start, Kawhi Leonard drives the baseline where he makes a perfect corner pass to Patty Mills who rattles in a tough three. Sometimes Patty’s release startles me by how quick it is.

Jonathon Simmons’ decision making is improving. As his man closes out, he immediately exploits the crease in the defense for this dunk.

After all the discussion regarding Kawhi vs Jimmy Butler, this seems like a statement as KL gets around Butler, drives the baseline for a one handed jam and the foul shot.

Hustle play alert. Patty outruns Butler, steals the ball, spins, and after a couple of dribbles he makes a perfect pass to Manu who’s ready to immediately feed LMA for the dunk.

As Simmons starts at the top of the key, the ball goes to Manu, to David Lee who makes a near-blind back-handed pass to a quick-rolling Patty for a lay up. Beautiful execution.

The ball swings again, this time from Manu to Lee to Pau before Patty gets it and cans a three.

Kawhi had some circus shots Thursday night, like this gymnastic move for the and-one as Butler shakes his head in disbelief. My question is: how would you even practice for a shot like that?

So the result isn’t what we wanted, but these plays are nice to focus on until Saturday’s game.