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Gregg Popovich was going to leave right after Tim Duncan retired, instead he’s having “fun”

Here are today’s best Spurs news and articles.

NBA: All Star Game Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

A little change never hurt anybody

For a while, Gregg Popovich said he wouldn’t be the one coaching the Spurs once Tim Duncan retired. Eventually that changed as Pop saw a new opportunity with Kawhi Leonard on board and LaMarcus Aldridge coming over from Portland. Pop explains (via NBC Sports) how coaching some younger players and building new schemes around them has been a refreshing and fun new challenge. (Winning probably helps too.)

Vote Patty Mills for Sixth Man of the Year

Patty Mills is back to his 2014 form after a couple of rough shooting seasons following shoulder surgery, and it’s a huge reason why a Spurs team still trying to find its identity has the second best record in the league. Mike Monroe of Bleacher Report goes over Patty’s journey to being the player he is now (including losing some weight at Pop’s orders) and argues Patty’s case as a viable candidate for Sixth Man of the Year.

Stephen Jackson has yet another reason for his 2013 departure

During an appearance on “The Dan LeBatard Show”, Captain Jack said the time he felt the most disrespected in his career was when Pop asked him to admit that Manu Ginobili and Danny Green were better than him to help boost their confidence. He refused because “Manu was playing like trash at the time,” and walked out. While he admitted he could have handled it better, it was clear Pop had had enough of his divisive behavior and set him free.

Rant of the Day

Get over it, Jax. We love you; you did so much for this organization during the 2003 title run. In 2012 you helped us get rid of Richard Jefferson and almost single-handedly kept us in Game 6 against OKC before a bogus technical from Joey Crawford sapped your energy and swung the momentum to the Thunder.

Don’t ruin those good memories now. You’ve already thrown shade at Tony Parker, but going after Manu and Pop (who you admit is the “smartest coach in your life”) is when you start losing Spurs fans. Yes, Manu had a down year in 2013, but you were much worse, and Danny was definitely better. You didn’t start that season shooting well anyway, and after breaking a finger you never recovered your shot. (Oh, and you have to be Davis Bertans for Pop to appreciate getting yourself ejected from a game.)

You will always have a special place in the hearts of Spurs fans, so please let go of the past and let us appreciate you again. If you keep coming back to criticize a group that went to the finals and later won a championship without you...well let’s just say that you keep reminding us of your bad side, and that’s not how we want to remember you. So please, let it go.

Have a good one!