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Phoenix @ San Antonio, Final Score: Spurs put Suns away, 119-98

It wasn’t always pretty, but it got pretty hilarious.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Spurs took their ninth straight game from the Phoenix Suns by out-executing the visitors in the second half, and getting into a bit of garbage time by the end of the fourth to win 119-98. But it wasn’t a laugher throughout, in fact, the first two quarters were fairly dismal.

Both clubs started the night out with a serious case of butterfingers. Phoenix turned the ball over 8 times in the first quarter and the Spurs had such a hard time getting themselves together without Kawhi Leonard, who was out with tummy yuckies.

After 12 minutes, the Spurs were up 30-27, and it’s not every 30 point quarter that feels like points were left out on the court, but San Antonio should have been up by double digits with how the Suns were giving up the ball.

But when Phoenix wasn’t turning it over, they were putting it through the hoop. The Spurs got everything they wanted early, but the Suns pressuring defense made it difficult through the 2nd. Even though they got into the bonus early in the period, they found themselves down to a team who got hot from outside, and was scoring at will inside.

LaMarcus Aldridge himself was getting inside and getting to the line, but overall the Spurs were outworked, and with 1:11 left in the half, they were down 10. Even though Phoenix shot 68% from the field for the first two quarters, the Spurs pulled within 6 at intermission.

The Spurs started the 3rd quarter on a mission — an early 9-0 run was stalled by back to back turnovers from Green, prompting an angry timeout from Pop.

Soon after the bench went in, San Antonio went on a run:

And then things got a bit crazy

And then Pop lost it:

And then Pop had everyone in stitches.

And then the home team won the game.