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Do the Spurs have a Kawhi Leonard vs. LaMarcus Aldridge question?

Trail Blazers expert Dave Deckard chats with J.R. Wilco about the way the way the Spurs are built, and what that means for San Antonio.

NBA: Preseason-Houston Rockets at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

With the Spurs playing the Trail Blazers, I reached out to Dave Deckard, the managing editor of Blazer’s Edge. The conversations we have before San Antonio and Portland games are about as fun as blogging gets for me. But in the midst of the hilarity there is to be had over how poorly the Blazers have been playing recently, an issue popped up that I haven’t really been thinking about this year: whether the Spurs are getting everything they need from LaMarcus Aldridge and what Kawhi Leonard’s status as alpha dog has to do with that.

As always, we used ReplyAll to facilitate the conversation.

For anyone interested, ReplyAll is a fantastic and incredibly easy to use tool that enables conversations. Since I started doing the Fraternizing with the Enemy series of conversations back in 2010, it is theinnovation that changed the process from the clunky mess it was, to the breeze it is today. Instead of cobbling together mounds of text from a dozen emails and wrestling with formatting, I can focus on the conversation and let a single line of HTML do the rest. Anyone who can benefit from such a tool should definitely check them out.