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Manu Ginobili is busting on Patty Mills again

Manu Ginobili had something to say to Patty Mills and Boris Diaw after Sunday’s Spurs game.

NBA: Playoffs-San Antonio Spurs at Los Angeles Clippers Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The first thing required to fully appreciate ongoing Twitter “war” between Spurs (and former Spurs) is context. So before we get into Manu Ginobili’s latest salvo in the social media sideshow that is the Spurs’ affectionate busting via social media, let’s get into the backstory. (For anyone wanting to delve into the deep history, check out our previous story on the subject from a couple of years back.)

Last Monday, Ginobili celebrated fellow Argentinian Franco Balbi’s slick pass in an Argentina league:

Then, on Saturday, former Spur Boris Diaw made sure Ginobili saw his driving layup against the Mavericks:

To which Ginobili responded with his own preferred Diaw highlight:

Which brings us to Sunday night against the Pelicans,

Manu Ginobili (who is 39 years old, in case you didn’t know) had his first dunk in quite a while.

So Manu let Boris and Patty Mills hear about it the next day:

Why drag Mills into this? Why give him a negative dunking score? Well, besides the fact that the three hung out all the time during Boris’ tenure in San Antonio (while essentially creating the frogging meme) Patty had his own noteworthy play on Sunday. Mills made a steal at the end of New Orleans’ shot clock but the refs whistled the play dead.

As a result, Mills did ... well, he did whatever this is:

Not sure what to call that, besides weird looking. Maybe he was going to try to dunk because of all the speed he had, but when he heard the whistle he pulled up short. Perhaps he was going to do a regular layup until he realized the play was dead and tried to convert it into a dunk and then just threw it when he realized he couldn’t get there — you know what, no more speculation. Patty did what he did and that’s enough of a baseline for us to work from.

Which brings us back to:

and Boris’s reply:

and Manu’s reply.

Now all you need to know, is that quokkas are small macropods (like kangaroos and wallabies) which can be found on the small islands of Western Australia, are relentlessly adorable...and have very small arms.

Long live Manu, Patty, Boris and their Twitter accounts.