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The keys to unlocking the Spurs’ potential

Here are today’s best Spurs news and articles.

San Antonio Spurs v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Spurs can fix many problems by starting stronger.

A couple of days ago, our very own Jesus Gomez wrote an excellent piece for BBallBreakdown about how the Spurs have been coming of the gates a little slow this season, often finding themselves playing catch-up in the second half, and what they can do to fix it. They must have listened, because the last two nights it was their opponents trying to catch up to them most of the game. Coach Nick also took a closer look at Matt Moore’s “Kawhisland” theory on their YouTube channel.

Beautiful basketball is returning...kinda? Maybe? Hopefully?

After two straight solid performances on offense against the Nets and Celtics, ESPN’s Michael Wright discussed some signs of improvement by the Spurs on the offensive end, including more ball movement, pace and assists. The Spurs have definitely been better the last three games (if you ignore the 20 turnovers of Thursday night), but Coach Pop wants “four, five, six games in a row” of similar performances before he will call it “consistent”.

More of fourth quarter Aldridge, please.

As Jesus alludes to in his piece above, LaMarcus Aldridge has been significantly better as the game wears on. The same was true last night in Phoenix as it took him until the fourth quarter to shake off some rust and get going. SAEN’s Tom Osborn breaks down last night’s game, including how Aldridge and Pau Gasol showed some good chemistry and understanding of each other during the game-defining fourth quarter run. If those two keep improving, that would help mitigate the slow starts and prevent Pop from possibly having to consider changing the starting lineup (for now).

Appreciating Tim Duncan

As we enter Tim Duncan’s Honorary Weekend, Tom Ziller and Paul Flannery discuss his legacy and the impact he had on the league over at the mothership. Many agree that Timmy’s longevity has helped him surpass the likes of Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett in all-time greatness, but any doubt is most likely triggered by his understated personality, as well as him not being a typical ratings-driving superstar. Still, no one in South Texas will ever underestimate his impact, and that’s all that matters.

Remembering Craig Sager

Yesterday was an emotional one for the entire NBA community and sports world as a whole after the heartbreaking news of the great Craig Sager’s passing came out. Tributes were given all around, including from an emotional Coach Pop. He will be remembered for much more than his crazy suits and funny sideline interviews. He was a warrior who didn’t let anything, not even leukemia, slow him down. He will always be loved.

Never take the gift of life for granted. Have a good one.