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Kawhi Leonard’s defense is so good it might be hurting the Spurs

Here are today’s best Spurs news and articles.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Minnesota Timberwolves Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Have opponents found out the secret to eliminating Kawhi?

Remember in yesterday’s Power Rankings roundup when CBS’s Matt Moore said he’d have something regarding the Spurs screwy defensive numbers later in the week? Well, that time has come, and it’s a doozie. He specifically looks at why the two-time DPOY has the worst defensive ratings on the team. I won’t give the reason away here because I encourage you to go read it for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Different paths let opposites attract

Perhaps the saddest news we’ve heard regarding Tim Duncan’s jersey retirement ceremony (you know, besides the fact that it means Timmy really is hanging it up for good) is that Avery Johnson will not be attending because the University of Alabama head coach has a game that night. (Although I’m sure he’ll be there in video/spirit form.)

However, that didn’t stop the Little General from speaking to SAEN’s Mike Finger about all things Timmy, from their polar opposite personalities, to their completely different paths to becoming revered members of Spurs lore, and how unlike AJ at his jersey retirement ceremony nine years ago, Timmy probably won’t speak for 20 minutes or wear a tie.

So Big Fun is a machine after all

In case you needed any more proof, Timmy has confirmed to us that he is in fact a robot, a cyborg, an early experiment by the creators of Westworld, or whatever via a massive back tattoo, complete with the yin and yang symbol and innards full of gears.

Interesting Stat of the Day

What is a 4x4 you ask? As Mr. Lee explains, it is a game in which a player has 4 made threes and 4 blocks, and apparently it has only happened 74 times in NBA history. Considering he’s one of the best blocking guards and three-point shooters in the league (disregarding last season), surely Danny can pass this guy and set the most obscure NBA record ever.

Have a good one!