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The best plays from Spurs blowout of the Nets

A play-by-play look at how San Antonio disassembled Brooklyn on Saturday night.

Let’s begin with an early drive by Tony Parker, who wastes no time in taking the ball to the rim and testing Brooklyn’s bigs. Thess drive into traffic and shoot or pass out were dominate themes for San Antonio’s ball handlers all night. It worked well.

Because of Tony’s success on the previous drive, the Nets prioritize stopping him and he makes a nifty back pass to a wide open Pau Gasol who cans the two without hesitation.

Manu Ginobili makes a nice roll pass to Patty Mills who runs into a traffic jam and wisely passes out to Kawhi Leonard who cans the three.

Patty draws the defense out to the 3 point line. Feeling the pressure, Dewayne Dedmon rolls to the pasket while Patty fakes a three and feeds the big man who finishes with a nice finger roll and-one.

Jonathon Simmons passes to Patty, and cuts to the basket to receive the perfect lob. With four defenders around him, JSimms catches and slams.

The ball moved well for San Antonio all Saturday night. Here Danny Green accepts the offer to drive baseline into the Nets’ help defense, and passes to Dedmon who pivots and finds an open Simmons for a open three. For those of you monitoring the developing Spurs offense: that’s one vet, one first year, and one second year working together flawlessly here.

Patty drives into the lane, collapses the defense and passes to Manu who (before he even receives the ball) knows that Kawhi is open for three. Hint: even if you have a chance, never play chess, or even checkers, with Manu.

As Nicolas Laprovittola brings the ball up, he sees fellow Argentine Luis Scola defending the lane. Pau sets a screen, Nico attacks and passes to Gasol who spins and gets the generous and-one call.

If there’s anyone out there still comparing Davis Bertans to Matt Bonner, this baseline cut, catch and lefty slam should end the argument for all time. Kudos to David Lee for spotting the Latvian and softly leaving the ball for him while driving nearly full-speed in the opposite direction. The wow-wow play of the night.

All night, the Spurs played as a team. It was fun to watch them dominate inside, outside, and in transition.