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The Spurs have plenty to be thankful for

Here are today’s best Spurs news and articles.

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Spurs can be thankful they’ve avoided the post-superstar decline

Mike Monroe of Bleacher Report discusses how a little bit of luck and a lot planning ahead prevented the Spurs from falling off the inevitable cliff of Tim Duncan’s retirement that lurked on the periphery for so long, unlike almost every other team in recent history. (One exception being the 2016-17 Lakers, but that’s a story for another day.)

Manu is thankful he’ll never have to go through what Dirk is now

Mike Finger of the San Antonio Express News compares the drastically different situations aging superstars Manu Ginobili and Dirk Nowitzki returned to when they re-signed with their respective clubs this summer. He also discusses how fatherhood taught Manu not to let winning or losing control his life following the devastation of 2013 and how that newfound attitude has helped him play looser as he ages.

The Hornets would probably be more thankful if the Spurs hadn’t just endured The Wrath of Pop

The Charlotte Hornets already face a tall task against the unbeaten-on-the-road Spurs tonight, and as Jack Windham of The Inquisitr (yes, that is spelled correctly) points out, they probably wish they weren’t facing a Spurs team that just received its first tongue lashing of the season from Pop over a poor performance, despite it being a win in which Pop chose to rest two key starters.

First Quarters have been key for the Spurs

The outcome of most of the Spurs games so far have been decided by the winner of the first quarter. goes over how why that is and how important it is for the starters to come out strong while the bench continues to find its way with so many newcomers. (Note: this article was written before Monday’s game vs. the Mavs, so now the Spurs have won two games despite trailing after the first quarter, not one.)

Advice of the Day

Be thankful. That’s not too hard, right? Be thankful that the Spurs are still a winning group both on and off the court despite losing their best player in franchise history. Be thankful that Manu has graced us with at least one more season of his presence and didn’t force us to endure double heartache this summer. Be thankful that we have the best coaching staff and front office in all of sports. Be thankful for the San Antonio Spurs, and be thankful that they have brought us all together in one great worldwide community.

Have a good one!