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A must-read David Robinson story, by David Robinson

David Robinson wrote a letter to his 18-year old self, and in the process gives us a glimpse into the qualities that made him the man he is.

Argentina v United States - USA Basketball Showcase Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Former Spur David Robinson, known to NBA fans as the Admiral, wrote a piece for The Player’s Tribune that appeared on their website today. In a letter to his 18-year old self, Robinson describes the things that drove him when he was a young man in the Naval Academy, reflects on the two most important figures in his life growing up (his father and grandfather), and imparts some words of wisdom to his younger self and explaining what the whole purpose of the letter is:

What this is really about is how you’re going to approach this very short thing called life.

I’m going to drop a bombshell on you now.

In four years, you will be an ensign in the U.S. Navy, and you’ll earn a monthly salary of $1,260.90.

I know that sounds like a tremendous amount of pizza money, but no, that’s not the bombshell.

The bombshell is that you’re going to be drafted No. 1 overall by the San Antonio Spurs.

This is one of the better examples you will see of an athlete, current or former, using their words to convey a powerful story with some real meaning to it. Even if you aren’t a Spurs fan or even a basketball fan, it is a worthwhile read from the pen of one of the greatest players to ever grace the hardwood.