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Kawhi Leonard will haunt opponents in their dreams

Here are today’s best Spurs news and articles.

New Orleans Pelicans v San Antonio Spurs Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

What can’t this kid do?

From defensive terror to a terror to defend, SI’s Rob Mahoney takes a look at how Kawhi Leonard’s offensive game has evolved to the point that he’s a nightmare to guard. From an array of unblockable shots, to an improved handle that allows him to create for himself and others, the Kawhiet Assassin is now leaving opponents befuddled on both ends of the court.

Are you not entertained?

The Spurs bench reacted to Jonathon Simmons’ impressive alley-oop slam in the third quarter vs the Jazz in the most Spurs way possible. Kawhi so serious?

Dedmon in the rough

The Ringer reviews how Tim Duncan’s retirement opened up the paint and allowed the Spurs to switch from using specifically skilled players around him to their most athletic big man since young David Robinson. Dewayne Dedmon appears to be a perfect fit for the Spurs on both sides of the court and perhaps just what they need to defeat the big-man ghosts of recent playoff past.

ESPN Top 200 Player Rankings

ESPN has started its annual countdown of the top 200 players in the league, and several Spurs have already made an appearance. One Spur shows up in the 150-200 category, and three more make 101-150. Dare I say, they might be jumping the gun a little on our best non-Top 100 player?

Interesting fact of the day

Last night, Kawhi had his third 30-point game in just the fifth game of the season. That’s as many as he had throughout all of the regular season last year (in 72 games), and it doubles how many he’s had for his entire career (during the regular season) heading into 2016-2017. Is it possible for one player to win MVP, DPOY, and Most-Improved all in one season?

Have a good one!