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Manu Ginobili was D’Angelo Russell’s favorite player growing up

In the Fraternizing with the Enemy, it’s time to talk Lakers vs. Spurs with SS&R’s Managing Editor

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Houston Rockets Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Spurs vs Lakers isn’t what it used to be, but mostly because the names are all so new. Seven new guys on the Spurs, and all new names in L.A. now that Kobe is gone.

But one of those new names, D’Angelo Russell, grew up idolizing our own Manu Ginobili, which makes him A-OK in my book. That is, at least, until he hurts the Spurs in a real game.

In order to get familiar with all the new faces, I reached out the Drew Garrison, who runs Silver Screen and Roll, the SB Nation blog covering the Lakers. And together we will get things started for a new rivalry.

For anyone interested, ReplyAll is a fantastic and incredibly easy to use tool that enables conversations. Since I started doing the Fraternizing with the Enemy series of conversations back in 2010, it is theinnovation that changed the process from the clunky mess it was, to the breeze it is today. Instead of cobbling together mounds of text from a dozen emails and wrestling with formatting, I can focus on the conversation and let a single line of HTML do the rest. Anyone who can benefit from such a tool should definitely check them out.