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Kawhi cares not for your shiny new toys

Here are today’s best Spurs news and articles.

San Antonio Spurs v Sacramento Kings Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Kawhi Leonard: Homecoming Crasher

Don’t invite Kawhi to your homecoming event; he’ll just come in, suck all the joy and fun out of it, and leave a wreck behind after snatching a few parting gifts. (Just ask Kevin Durant and the entire city of Sacramento.)

Tim Duncan Who?

The Spurs do and will continue to miss Timmy’s presence both on and off the court, but The Washington Post notes that anyone who doubted Kawhi’s ability to immediately step in and fill his shoes got a resounding answer of “yes, yes he can” against the Warriors. (And if anyone thought it was just a fluke, he only reassured those answers with his performance against the Kings two nights later.)

They’re Back! (H-E-B commercials, that is)

In case anyone missed them, three of H-E-B’s new Spurs commercials were released during the Kings game, and they’re just as delightful as ever. From Pau Gasol’s charming mien, to Patty Mills and Danny Green attempting to speak Spanish, and Kawhi’s excellent origami skills, it’s all there to make you laugh. Better yet? There’s more to come, including one that I’m dying to see...

Who He Play For?

In some non-Spurs related news, one of my favorite segments of TNT’s Inside the NBA (besides Shaqtin’ a Fool) is Who He Play For?, where the guys give Charles Barkley five random NBA players (or are they?) to guess where they play now. He rarely gets them right, and in fairness not many would, but what’s more enjoyable than watching Chuck be wrong all the time?

Interesting Fact of the Day

While this may not be that hard to imagine when considering how dominant the Spurs have been over that time span, it is still a staggering number, especially when you consider that those 48 days also include when the winning percentage is just 0.500. Truly amazing.

Have a Happy Friday!