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Kawhi Leonard: Superhero gets the comic book treatment

Here are today’s best Spurs news and articles.

San Antonio Spurs v Golden State Warriors Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Super Simmons

We’ve all read the heart warming story of Jonathon Simmons’ rise from barely being able to afford a D-league tryout to living the dream of playing in the NBA, and now you can hear it from his point of view. Before announcing to the world (and the league’s two-time reigning MVP) that he had arrived two nights ago, The Juice sat down with to discuss his journey and what it means for him to be here now.

Kawhi Leonard: Defender of Earth and the Cosmos

That mystical power-up Kawhi Leonard: Superhero received from Dr. Strange over the summer led to a career night and defining win over a couple of fellow transformers. His latest mind-bending moment? The Defender stole the ball in the open court from All-seeing Shooting Eye and dunked over Versatility of Vishanti.

Kawhi Leonard Super Team

BBALLBREAKDOWN takes a look at Kawhi’s performance against the Warriors and determines if he has discovered the one thing that seemed to be missing last year: that extra gear that transcends the flow of the game and allows him to be a true difference-maker.

Also, on their YouTube channel, which I highly recommend subscribing to if you are a fan of X’s and O’s, they break down and compare the play of Kawhi and LeBron James as a new race for MVP begins.

Moving On

The Spurs know their rousing victory over the Warriros was just one game, and now it is time to take that 90 min bus ride down to Sacramento to play a game that will have just as much impact on the standings as the previous one.

Interesting Fact of the Day

You’re welcome, league. The Spurs can’t assist with this any further until March 11 (really, schedulers?), so it will be up to everyone else if they want this to last any longer than one game. (Note: it probably won’t unless Anthony Davis scores 50 points for the second game in a row...which still didn’t lead to a win over the Denver Nuggets, so never mind.)

Have a great one.