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Come see the Spurs take on the Pelicans on Opening Night

Here's your chance to welcome Pau Gasol, David Lee, and all the rookies to the city for their first regular season home game as Spurs.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It's time for another Pounding the Rock night at the AT&T Center, the home opener.

Come cheer on the Spurs when the New Orleans Pelicans come to town on October 29th. Not only is this a great deal on the price of the ticket, but it also comes with a pass that allows you early access to the arena to watch pre-game warmups -- one of my favorite things about coming to the game.

After warmups, we'll get to our sections and enjoy the game. And after the game, stick around to get on the court and shoot a free throw.


PTR Package Includes:

Spurs Game ticket (No ticket fees)

Early Access Passes 5:00PM-5:45PM - Sit Courtside and watch the Spurs warm 1 hour prior to the general public

Post-Game Free Throw - Step on the court after the game and see if you can knock down free throw

So go here to buy your tickets and use promo code: PTR. All questions can be answered by our contact in the Spurs ticket office: Danny Farias -- dfarias(at) or 210-444-5607.

If you're interested in getting tickets closer to the court, contact Danny directly and tell him you're responding to this deal.

Hope to see you there.