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What if Pau Gasol comes off the bench for the Spurs

Pau was brought in to replace Tim Duncan. But would the Spurs be better with him out of the starting lineup?

NBA: San Antonio Spurs-Media Day Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The big men positions have evolved significantly in a short period of time. Not long ago, Roy Hibbert's rim protection made him a defensive star. As being able to switch and defend in space became more important, he's seen the league pass him by.

There's something similar happening with ground-bound post scorers. Teams have tried to increase the pace at which they play and maximize spacing. Power forwards who can't shoot and centers who are not athletic enough to serve as dive men have seen their role change as a result.

The Grizzlies have decided to bring Zach Randolph off the bench to start the season. The Pacers and the Bucks will do the same with Al Jefferson and Greg Monroe, respectively. So the question is...

Should the Spurs bring Pau Gasol off the bench?

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