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Spurs youngsters outperform Pistons late, win 86-81

Kawhi Leonard led the scoring for San Antonio, but LaMarcus Aldridge and Pau Gasol were also key performers for the Silver and Black, while Bryn Forbes made a strong case for making the roster with his clutch play late that sealed the win for the Spurs as they topped Detroit 86-81.

Leon Halip-USA TODAY Sports

Due to the lack of TV availability in the NBA preseason we have another recap based on tweets and the box score. The regular PTR beat writer who is on home games couldn't cover the game tonight so I'll be your substitute teacher tonight. Hope you enjoy the ride, and no spitball throwing allowed.

Kawhi is going to be a dominant player this year.

David Lee did some work too.

The Spurs started the third with a young lineup plus LaSharkus.

Meanwhile, in the darker recesses of cyberspace, some users were actually able to use dark arts to actually watch the game:

Spurs went the first four minutes of the third without a bucket, but Kawhi broke the drought with a slam.

The Spurs were cold for most of the third and the Pistons cut the deficit to just four late in the quarter. The fourth quarter started with the Spurs up by only six points.

And it was at this point that I was able to load the stream that the Pistons put on their site. Thanks Detroit! I had assumed it would be only available in a limited geographic area. It all goes to show, don't assume. In my defense, their website is designed so that it's really hard to navigate.

Stanley Johnson hit a layup to put the Pistons up 67-66, and the teams seesawed for a bit, but a layup from David Lee and a slam from Jonathon Simmons gave the Spurs a 76-71 lead with 5:24 left. Johnson threw a pass to Laprovittola who put the Spurs up by seven. A Drummond steal in the backcourt off a lazy pass from Forbes cut the Spurs lead to just six with 1:37 left.

Bryn Forbes and Lorenzo Brown traded threes, and Brown got fouled going to the basket with just over 24 seconds left in the game. On the ensuing possession, Dewayne Dedmon committed an offensive foul with just 10 seconds left, causing a vein to pop on Gregg Popovich's forehead, and giving the ball back to the Pistons. Despite Dedmon's faux pas, which didn't really affect the outcome and just gave Pop some practice fodder, he played relative well.

Sadly, I have to announce that the 'Did Boban Play' Twitter account seems to have been abandoned when Boban Marjanovic was traded to Detroit. But, sorry Spurs fans, no he didn't. I would really have loved to see the big guy tonight, but he took the night off. We'll get a chance to see him later this season.

So, that's a wrap, Spurs fans. I finally got to watch some Spurs basketball this season, even though it was just one quarter on a blurry feed. It was glorious. Hope you enjoyed it too, because next time I do a recap, it's going to be for real.

Next Game:

Wednesday, October 12, against the Orlando Magic, at 6 pm CT. Only about 2 weeks until the real games start.