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Boban Marjanovic's defense is as elite as his offense

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The metrics will blow you away

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

From longtime Pounding the Rock community member Daniel Humm: only 16 games Boban is one of only 7 Spurs to have defended at least 10 possessions versus the "roll man" which is a much higher frequency than the others while his .73 ppp is better than 81% of the league while the 30% eFG trails only Kawhi's 29.2% on the Spurs for players having defended at least 10 possessions. When it comes to defending the ball handler on the P&R, he is the only one of the 15 Spurs that has yet to register having defended at least one possession. While what has mostly been said about him could mean that he is so slow recovering that he can't get within the distance required to qualify as having defended it, my guess would be that there is not a ball handler that has felt safe taking a shot against him.

His stats defending against postups is similarly excellent. The .67 ppp is better than 82.5% of the league, and the .30 eFG is the lowest for any of the Spurs bigs on defense. Defending versus "Isolation" plays has me wondering if the high frequency is due to players trying to attack him or that he just covers enough ground to get to more, though the 14.3% eFG against him suggests the latter.

That is some powerful stuff. #BobanForever