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Kawhi Leonard is barely trailing Draymond Green for the last West All-Star frontcourt starting spot

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Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Kawhi Leonard, 2014 Finals MVP and currently the reigning Defensive Player of the Year, has yet to make an all-star team in his career. The fifth year stud is putting up career highs in points per game (20.7), field goal percentage (51.9%), three-point percentage (50.0%), free-throw percentage (88.7%), and assists per game (2.7). We're approaching the halfway mark of the season and Kawhi is seriously flirting with putting up the NBA's second ever 50-50-90 season, which is shooting 50% from the floor, 50% from deep and 90% from the line.

The numbers back up what Spurs fans have seen and accepted as fact, that Kawhi is amazing with no holes in his game -- he's a complete player, hand-forged by Tim Duncan at his BlackJack Speed Shop. The problem is that Leonard is currently trailing Draymond Green for the third starting frontcourt spot on the West's All-Star team by a little more than 1000 votes.

Step up, Spurs fans, and get your vote in for the quiet Kawhi. You can vote in a number of ways, up to 10 times per day with most methods:

  • You can vote on
  • You can vote on twitter or instagram by using the hashtag #NBAVote and including the name of the player you want to vote for. Retweets on Twitter also count as votes.
  • You can also vote on Facebook by using the #NBAVote and player name method. Likes and comments DO NOT count.
  • You can vote online by searching through Google. Search "NBA Vote All-Star" and select a team, select a player and click "vote" button to submit. You can also search "NBA Vote + San Antonio Spurs" and select the players, click the "vote" button.
  • Vote by texting a player's last name to 69622 (MYNBA).
  • You can also vote via the NBA App. Limit one ballot per mobile device per day.
Make Whi Start.