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Tony Parker will not play against the Utah Jazz on Wednesday

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Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Per the San Antonio Spurs' official injury report:

Tony Parker (right hip soreness) is out for tomorrow's Spurs-Jazz game.

There's no news about whether this is just a precaution, or something fairly serious, or just an excuse to get Ray McCallum more minutes with the big club. Regardless, these "rest days'" for the Spurs Big Three hasn't slowed the team down.

Since December 2, they've scored at least 100 points in all of their 15 wins, and lead the league in offensive efficiency, defensive efficiency, true shooting percentage, eFG%, rebound percentage, defensive rebound percentage, 3pt%, FG%, and are all the way up to 8th in offensive rebound percentage -- an area of the game that Pop usually deemphasizes.

So, I'm all for Tony taking all the time he needs.