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ESPN ranks Manu Ginobili #61 All-Time

ESPN recognizes the Spurs sixth man for his versatile role in making San Antonio the most dominant franchise of the last decade.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Manu Ginobili was listed at #61 on ESPN's All-Time #NBArank. Ballot voting was determined by a panel of ESPN analysts, compiling the results by studying peak performance and career value.

The Spurs shooting guard is the antithesis of Samson; even with his dwindling hair, the Argentinean still possesses supernatural basketball prowess.

Originally wanting to wear number 6 in 2002 - which prompted outcry from the Little General's supporters - Ginobili changed his number to 20, a jersey that will eventually be hung from the rafters beside other members of the "Big Three". With Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, Ginobili makes up the winningest trio of all-time, surpassing the tally held by Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, and Robert Parish.

With the Spurs, Ginobili has earned two all-star selections, won four NBA championships, and was named the 2007-2008 Sixth Man of the Year.

As a competitor for Argentina in internation play, and in Euroleague play for Basket Viola Reggio Calabria in Italy, Ginobili garnered multiple MVPs, accumulated a vast trophy-case of awarded medals, and even had a statue erected in his honor in Buenos Aires.

Back in 2012, I first met Ginobili as his assistant while filming a Christus Santa Rosa TV spot.

In between takes, I talked smack about the Dallas Chaparral jerseys (he was fond of them, but apparently no one else was since we've never seen them again), and how much I was looking forward to the beautiful alternative uniforms: with the Spur on the left side of the front, adjacent to the numbers.

Ginobili was pretty jet-lagged, and admitted to being exhausted after traveling back from the Olympics the night before.

It's amazing that nearly four years later, Ginobili's stats per 100 possessions have remained relatively consistent; he continues to be an integral part of San Antonio's aspirations for Larry O'Brien glory.

Coming soon: more from PtR as ESPN unveils the rest of their rankings...