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Tim Duncan will not play against the Warriors

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Well -- guess we face the league-leading team at less than full strength.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

According to the official San Antonio Spurs injury report:

Tim Duncan (soreness, right knee) is out for tomorrow's Spurs-Warriors game.

If there's any thing that can equal the expectations that Monday's Golden State vs San Antonio matchup has created, it's the number of  predictions that somehow Pop would troll the Warriors by holding out some of his starting lineup.

Whether that is what's happening, or whether the training staff is just taking precautions, the only thing that's certain is that a bit of the luster has been taken off the game -- unless the Spurs win, of course. Then there will be even more reason for Spurs fans to be excited.

No word yet who will start in his place. Stay tuned for updates.