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Kawhi's an All Star because of the fans, this one in particular

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Fans across the globe voted Kawhi Leonard into the All Star game. Here's the story of how one of PtR's writers did his part, and then some.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

I'm sure by now you've heard that Kawhi Leonard is going to start for the West in his first All-Star Game appearance, but perhaps you missed how the promise of a haircut helped get Whi a starting sport.

On January 14th, the NBA released their third ballot returns and with three starting frontcourt spots, Kawhi Leonard was in fourth, trailing Draymond Green 499,947 to 487,626. So of course Spurs fans had to spring into action.

Enter one of PtR's writers, Brayden Neubauer:

As you can see, the tweet got those 12,000 retweets, Kawhi is starting, and as you can see below, Brayden honored his word.

Now there's a fan!