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The NBA has never seen a player like Kawhi Leonard

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We know that Kawhi is unique, but just how elite his offense has become is beyond what is regularly acknowledged.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

I must apologize because I have done you a disservice. The first time I read Rob Mahoney's excellent article on Kawhi Leonard, I didn't read it thoroughly and so I have missed the opportunity to share something extraordinary with you.

First, it's a glowing piece on the Spurs' best player, so you'll enjoy reading it. But beyond that, Mahoney illuminates something about Leonard that I didn't realize was as exceptional as it is:

There are players who can shoot nearly as well as Leonard has, yet few who could also be trusted to generate offense if the situation called for it. Even among that tiny, intersectional group, none are so careful with the ball. The trinity of efficient shooting, low-turnover play, and creative capability makes Leonard a genuine anomaly €”-- ”an offensive star unlike any other in the league.

Much has been made about Kawhi's excellence on the defensive end -- he won last year's Defensive Player of the Year, after all -- but realizing the elite level of his gifts on offense was eye-opening for me. And that's not all that's in this article. Seriously, the entire thing is worth your time.