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Links: Some Spurs history not to be missed

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With such a long break between games, Spurs fans are hungry for news about their favorite team. Robert Horry talks a bit about the end of his career, Zach Lowe gives his take on who should be an All-Star this year, and yet another article about Boris Diaw's drinking habits.

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Robots no more — Horry sees what he missed - San Antonio Express-News

Robert Horry said he hated the way his career ended. [...] after he retired, at a funeral attended by the team in the fall of 2008, Horry didn’t sit with them. When Popovich approached, reaching out, Horry didn’t say anything. Memorial Hall of Fame finalists, Horry’s name will not be among them. Yet there he was in Toronto, a celebrity of note, because there has never been a basketball résumé quite like his. Someone who averaged in single figures for a career isn’t the traditional measure of a Hall of Fame player.

Who deserves to represent their conference at the NBA All-Star Game? - ESPN

Aldridge has to be San Antonio's second All-Star. Tim Duncan is a damned genius who somehow leads the whole league in adjusted plus-minus on defense at age 39, but he barely logs 20 minutes per game. The decline in Aldridge's raw numbers has masked how lethal he has been in his new role. He has been steady on defense, toggling between both big man positions, and snuffing the pick-and-roll using whatever tactic each opponent requires. He's whipping the ball to the corners on offense and rolling hard to the rim when he shares the floor with Boris Diaw.

Spurs player who makes $7 million installed a $150 espresso machine in his locker because he didn't like the arena coffee - Yahoo Finance

San Antonio Spurs forward Boris Diaw is one of the most unique personalities in the NBA.