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Has Boban Mania Gone Too Far?

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Boban Marjanovic has stolen the hearts of many NBA and Spurs fans. But why, exactly?

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

When Spurs fans go crazy for Boban, Kawhi Leonard cringes. Pop's not a fan either. Boban Mania has swept the nation, as even on the road fans of other teams have cheered on the big Serb.

But has it crossed the line? Why is it that Boban has caused so much hysteria in the crowds watching him? Do they look at him as an odd thing, as Pop believes? Boban isn't a mascot, and he isn't a circus clown. He's a serious basketball player who needs to be taken seriously. He is being developed and integrated into the system by the Spurs coaching staff, just the same as Jonathan Simmons, another young, first year Spur. And yet, though Simmons is also a fan favorite, he doesn't generate the type of wild cheering Boban does when he enters the game or touches the ball.

It's time for a gut check. It's time we ask ourselves if we're dehumanizing Boban because of his appearance alone. By all means, cheer the man. When he earns it. He's a regular person and a quality professional basketball player, and he should be treated as such. Especially by Spurs fans.

Check out the following video of Kawhi weighing in on the subject (courtesy of play_splitter), and let us know what you think in the comments: