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PtR's Rockets versus Spurs ticket deal

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Time to plan to attend the last Spurs deal we have for January.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Every month this season, PtR readers have access to a special ticket offering to the the Spurs. This month, we have two, and the second one is home game against the Houston Rockets, on Wednesday 1/27/15. Here are the details.


When you get a Courtside Experience Pass, you get to enter the arena 1 hour prior to the doors opening, and watch the teams shoot around from lower deck seats. Here's what the view from those seats looks like.


After shootaround, you will retire to the upper section to watch the game. After the game, you'll be allowed to get down on the court to shoot a free throw.

You can purchase the deal here.

Tickets and passes will be emailed within 24 hours of purchase along with logistics for the night. For any additional questions, contact Danny Farias -- dfarias(at) or 210-444-5607.