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Links for the halfway mark of the Spurs' season

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The Spurs played their 41st game of the season on Thursday night, reaching the exact halfway point of the 82-game NBA regular season. The national press is beginning to notice that they're pretty good.

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I'm Convincing LeBron — if there is a third Finals with Leonard - San Antonio Express-News

"Is that like a trick question?"

LeBron James wanted to know. He'd been asked whether he thought Kawhi Leonard had come a long way.

No, it wasn't a trick question. But it was tricky for someone who, like his locker room, acted as if Leonard is getting too much credit.

Manu Ginobili Made Spurs Assistant a Believer Back in Italy - The New York Times
Trending on the Internet recently was a video of Manu Ginobili assisting on a fast-break basket, while lying down on the job. Really. Literally. Like a 6-foot-6 cornerback stalking his prey, Ginobili sniffed out a pass to Phoenix’s Mirza Teletovic, wrestled the ball away and fell onto his back, but he still had the court vision and body control to rifle a perfect southpaw pass upcourt to Kawhi Leonard for a layup ahead of three trailing Suns.

Spurs beat Cavs 99-95 as win streak comes to an end at eight - Fear The Sword
Cleveland's eight game winning streak comes to an end as the Cavs lose in San Antonio.

One of the cool things about living on Earth is that the sun is always firing on all cylinders and keeping you warm even though it's roughly a billion or something years old. I imagine this is what coaching the Spurs is like.

Hundreds Show Up To Meet Boban | San Antonio Spurs

Juan Ramirez waited at Wingstop for five hours so he could turn his back to Boban Marjanovic. And when he turned, Marjanovic laughed and marveled at something he’d never seen before. Ramirez had Boban’s image shaved into his head. Ramirez was one of more than 500 Spurs fans who attended Marjanovic’s autograph signing at Wingstop, with some fans arriving as much as 11 hours early for the event. He said the "bob" haircut took more than two hours to complete by Joe Barajas, better known as Joe Barber.

Spurs playing with embarrassment of riches, even by their lofty standards
A new young core fits seamlessly with the ageless old guard to form a Spurs super-bot.

Daily NBA Fix: The San Antonio Spurs' Old Man Strength
The San Antonio Spurs will never die if last night's win over the Cleveland Cavaliers means anything.